The Amazomel Rainforest project

Amazomel is dedicated to conserving the Rainforest and its communities by enabling them to create their sustainable income from honey in harmony with nature. This honey is very precious and tasty and is used in traditional medicine since the Mayas. It is gained from native stingless bees such as Meliponas and Trigonas. These bees are responsible for over 90% of the fructification of all the rainforest plants. Only a few tons of it can be produced per year.

Our Mission

To demonstrate a new way of saving the rainforest by creating a sustainable income from stingless bee honey and introducing a fair-trade network for its producers.

Our Vision

Amazomel will become the leader of the stingless-bee honey market in Brazil, enabling the local communities to live in harmony with the rainforest, by producing the sweet gold of the Amazon.

Our Values

  • Fairtrade
  • Sustainability
  • Conserving nature
  • Producing healthy products of high quality
  • Reliability to producers and distributors

Our Projects

Together with the NTFP foundation, Amazomel is reaching out to Amazon communities to introduce them to the stingless bee cultivation called Meliponicultura. By providing a starter kit of 3 beehives to the interested families, Jonilson Laray, our professional bee-keeping instructor offers courses and assistance to the new bee-keepers until they reach at least 15 bee-colonies.  Amazomel also helps them to harvest the honey and to sell it for a fair price.