To generate a sustainable income for the Amazonian families. Therefore AMAZOMEL aims to turn the rainforest honey into a precious delicacy and to become a leader of the melipona honey market.

The Communities

Together with the NTFP Foundation, Amazomel is distributing beehives to families in various communities of the Amazon region. Along with the beehives, we offer them beekeeping training and further support to multiply their bee population. In this training, we explain to them the importance to avoid any pesticides and forest fires to keep the bees healthy. So far there are two regions that we are covering: communities around Urucará and Maués. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were not able yet to extend our activities further to other regions. But we were offered  to enter a collaboration with IDAM (Instituto de Desenvolvimento Agropecuário e Florestal Sustentável do Estado do Amazonas) as well as AFEAM ( Agência de Fomento do Estado do Amazonas) to develop a joint effort in spreading meliponiaculture to various communities in the state of Amazonas.

Agência de Fomento do Estado do Amazonas

Instituto de Desenvolvimento Agropecuário e Florestal Sustentável do Estado do Amazonas

What we offer

Amazomel is a partner of the NTFP foundation, and we collaborate closely to implement bee-keeping in Amazon communities.

  • Bee-keeping courses
  • Bee-keeping consulting
  • Bee-hive distributor
  • Honey harvesting assistance
  • Honey trading worldwide
  • Propolis production and trading
  • Pollen production and trading
  • Collecting wild bees
  • Melipona honey
  • Trigona honey
  • Apis honey
  • Propolis solid
  • Propolis drops
  • Pollen pills
  • Bee wax
  • Bee-hives

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