Dieter Bratschi

As a Swiss forest engineer, his passion for the Amazon Rainforest got so strong that he decided to seek a way how to preserve the rainforest by generating a sustainable income source for its inhabitants.

He is the co-founder of the Non-timber-forest Product Foundation (NTFP-Foundation) that helped to finance the honey plant and also donated beehives and beekeeping courses to the local communities. For more than 20 years he visits the rainforest on an annual basis.

My Vision

That the inhabitants of the Amazon can live a decent life by generating a sustainable income with beekeeping.

João and Dangela Fernandes

The couple has been active in the honey-business for many years and offered their land to set up the honey-plant. Joaõ is a biologist and has profound knowledge in honey-processing, propolis drops and other bee products. Dangela is helping in the administration and sales activities.

Our Vision

That the Melipona honey will become as famous and precious as the most expensive honey on the market, the Manuka honey.

Our partner organization

NTFP Foundation

NTFP stands for Non-Timber Forest Products, i.e. the foundation is committed to products that are not derived from timber production. Specifically, the focus is on honey production and the associated support of local organizations. Furthermore, the foundation is involved in erosion control and spring protection. The foundation is based in Bern, Switzerland and is active in the Brazilian Amazon and Haiti.


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